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SIOP Lesson Plan: Christmas Around the World

Grade/Class/Subject:   Fourth Grade Literature                                         

Unit/Theme:  Holiday’s Christmas around the World

Standards:  Listening, reading, writing, speaking    

Content Objective(s):  Students will learn the history of Christmas in other countries. They will learn how to read a story and write their own story along with identifying new vocabulary words.                                                             

Language Objective(s):  Students will learn to read stories independently and in groups. They will learn to use their critical thinking skills to create a report on Christmas in another country and present the report to the classroom. The students will listen to others reports and respond by asking questions and making comments.

Key Vocabulary:

Two set vocabulary words:

  • Customs
  • Traditions

The rest of the vocabulary words for this assignment will be class-driven. Each group of students will pick words they are unfamiliar with from the country they choose.

Supplementary Materials:

  • Christmas Around the World By Emily Kelley
  • Dictionary
  • Pencil
  • Colored pencils
  • Copy paper – white
  • Poster board

Lesson Sequence:

1-      This is a three day assignment

2-      Day One: The class will be divided into small groups of four.

3-      The teacher walks around the room to help when needed.

4-       Each group will be given a copy of the book Christmas Around the World.

5-      Each group will choose a country to study.

6-      Each group will be given the two key words to define and will choose as many words as possible that they are unfamiliar with to define.

7-      Each individual in the group will define the two key words and new vocabulary words. Then the group will discuss their definitions and come up with sentences that use the new words.

8-      The groups will share the words they defined with the class.

9-      As a group the students will create a report on their country. The report will take more than one day. On the first day the students will delegate jobs.  The report will include a food from the state, items the kids might have at home, a written report about the customs and traditions of the country and a poster board with pictures either drawn or printed form the computer.

10-  The students will look at home to see if they have any objects from the country.

11-  Day Two:  The students will work in the computer lab to find out more about their country and to find and print pictures of their country for their poster board.

12-  Day Three:  the students will use glue and place their pictures on their poster board. They will put the finishing touches on the report and prepare for presentation.

13-  Each group will present their report to the class. Each member of the group can present a portion or the group can choose a speaker.

14-  The class is to ask questions or comment on the report after the presentation.

15-  ELL accommodations are to have the students also find the native word to the vocabulary words that they all use in the lesson. Because they are working in groups the students can help each other understand the meaning of things that might not be clear.


This lesson incorporates all language objectives. The students read, write, listen and speak. They learn to research the history of a certain countries holiday traditions. They then learn to write about those traditions, prepare and present a report. The other students learn to be active listeners. Many objectives are met with this assignment.




*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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