Importance of Assistive Technology for Kids with Disabilities.

Students with disabilities face more difficulty in learning. Assistive technology is any tool which helps a student with disabilities to learn and do things more quickly, efficiently, easily or independently. For instance, a student with poor vision might use enlarged text. A student with motor difficulties might use an enlarged, simplified computer keyboard. Today, many people with disabilities are breaking down barriers through the use of technology. For some individuals with disabilities, assistive technology is a necessary tool that enables them to engage in or perform many everyday tasks.

The availability of assistive technology devices and services enables some individuals with disabilities to have greater control over their own lives. It helps them to participate in and contribute more fully to activities in their home, school, work environments, and in their communities.

With the aid of assistive technology, we create user-friendly environments which help students with disabilities to develop increased self-motivation and independence, integrated and required participation, accountability, expanded learning and life experiences as well as new opportunities for interactions and communication.

Life is all about communicating and interacting with one's environment. An inclusive environment promotes interactions of various kinds for all individuals. Students talk to each other, sharpen pencils, tell jokes, and write names on their papers to cite a few examples. Through the use of assistive technology devices, opportunities to participate more fully for individuals with significant disabilities can be enhanced.

The benefits that assistive technologies provide for individuals with significant disabilities are enormous. Not only does the impact of being included in a regular classroom environment feel good, but also being included in life can now be a reality where in the past it was not even a remote dream.

Most students with disabilities can and do benefit from technology in the classroom. Incorporating technology increases students’ motivation to learn and personalizes lessons to a student’s individual needs. Even the students with the most severe and profound disabilities can use assistive technology to join a classroom of typical students, and their potential can be reached in ways we didn’t seen before.

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